Used Golf Carts Guide is Here!

Harley Davidson Golf Cart
Harley Davidson "Classic"

Recent trends in saving fuel have made golf carts extremely popular.  While the sales of automobiles have held steady at best, the market for golf carts has increased.  Both new and used golf carts have been selling really well the past 18 months.

A trend in many communities is to allow golf carts to share the roads with automobiles.  Retirement communities and gated communities seem to be the place where this trend has become the most popular.  Instead of walking half a mile to the community pool or driving a large automobile, commuters are opting instead for a golf cart.

Many of these carts are no longer the standard golf carts either.  In many cases, the carts never make it onto a golf course.  They are used solely for commuting.  Fancy designs are used for the body that make the cart look anything other than a vehicle for toting golf clubs around the links.  They are made to look like sports cars, luxury vehicles and off-road ATV.

You are going to find information about golf carts, parts, prices, and the latest trends in golf cart technology on this site.  I am hoping to get a picture gallery going soon that readers can submit pictures of their prized carts for others to admire (or maybe even inspire).

A used golf carts price guide will be released in the next several weeks which will show values on golf carts.  This information has been hard to capture in the past but we have a team pulling that data together in anticipation of being helpful for everybody who wants to buy or sell a golf cart.  The best part of it is that the golf cart price guide will be free!

Over the coming days, weeks and months we intend on providing a lot of information about all the different golf carts that are available.  Information about the different manufacturers, engines, resale values, and where to get those hard to find parts will be discussed.  The parts section will be extremely important.  There many places to get parts but sometimes they are hidden from the people that need those parts.  We will see if we can be a conduit to unit the sellers and the consumers.

Additionally there are things like wiring diagrams and owners manuals that have been lost by owners.  We intend on providing owners with manuals for as many makes and models of used golf carts as we can.

3 on “Used Golf Carts Guide is Here!

  1. trying to figure out what mt harley cart is worth serial #3b12633h4 if you have any info i would truley appreciate.

  2. yea me too,im pretty sure mine is a 1963 all original,gas powered white just no top cover.had it a long time.let me no what u find out bout yours,thanx & good luck

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