The Lowdown On Club Cars

The Ingersoll Rand Club Cars are known as one of the best golf and utility vehicles anyone can own. Club cars can be a dime a dozen without adequate research to ensure the buyer what they’re purchasing. Ingersoll Rand is widely known among their peers to be the benchmark for club cars. With their background and perseverance, anyone that’s acquainted with this company is quickly satisfied by what they produce.

Club Car Golf CartA brief history of this company is in order to show their story of success. Back in 1871, a man named Simon Ingersoll invented and patented a tool called the rock drill. With this device under his name, he formed the Ingersoll Rock Drill Company. Exactly one year later, the Ingersoll and Rand Rock Drilling company was established. Several decades passed and an assortment of other tools was developed by this company. Such tools invented were the; Hammer Drill, A.S. Cameron Stream Pump, Jackhammer Drill, Air-powered Impact tool, and the Downhole Drill. This technology enabled them to create not only air compressed tools, but small vehicles that used the technological basics to create mobile functions. Up to this day, with their inventions benchmarking stellar performance, they not only create club cars but other materials as well. So from those humble beginnings, the Club Car was established.
Ingersoll Rand started officially producing club cars in 1958. Since then, Ingersoll Rand have been dedicated to pleasing golfing customers to get anything that suits their needs. They have a multitude of vehicles that transcends club cars. Such vehicles are off road vehicles, utility vehicles, shuttle vehicles and all-terrain vehicles. Many of the Club Cars run on electricity and Ingersoll Rand Co. is the world’s biggest producer of electric vehicles. Avid golfers and Club Car enthusiasts have the knowledge that they’re on good hands with a very reputable company. The club cars are thought of highly around the world for their easy driving attributes, their stability and credibility. It’s hard not to become engulfed with the successful production that Ingersoll Rand has made. Club cars are used for a variety of reasons. One is that it eases the sport of golfing by eliminating the hassle of walking across the course, they provide a place to store your belongings, and they provide protection in bad weather. Therefore, these vehicles are a necessary and welcomed tool to have for golfing aficionados to fully immerse themselves in their favorite pastime. Ingersoll Rand is the company that has everyone’s back when it comes to having a solid club car.
Ingersoll Rand hasn’t been around for over 100 years for no reason. They dedicate themselves to creating the best tools and vehicles that any individual or corporation can have. They pride on themselves on making sure that every customer is happy with their product. Either it be golfing, drilling or constructing. There’s really no comparison with this company even though there maybe a little competition. However, they here to reflect the love that everyone has with their craft.

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