Headlight Kits for Golf Carts

Anyone that has worked the night shift at a Country Club knows how daunting it can be to drive around the golf course with inadequate headlights.  Luckily, it’s refreshing to know that there is a universal headlight kit on the market today that fits on just about any vehicle. Fighting the darkness while out on the course can be a hassle without the proper items with your arsenal. This is where these lights come in.

Golf Cart Headlights

Headlight kits are a smart and inexpensive addition to have installed on your used golf cart.  This is especially true when one lives out in a rural area.  One particular headlight kit to look out for is the Universal headlight kit.   This kit can be found for the least amount of purchase price at www.amazon.com.

There are number of advantages to have when having this lighting kit. One is that it’s easy to install. All you have to do is assemble it under the front body cowl of your vehicle. It comes with a push and pull light switch that can be added to your dash board for easy access. The lights that come with this headlight kit are two halogen 12 volt headlights to ensure maximum light in dark areas.

Anyone that’s has driven a golf cart in a dark location knows just how dangerous it can be not to have proper lighting with your cart. The headlights that come with it usually suffices however, in bad weather one needs something with more aptitude so they can safely get to their destination.

This headlight kit also comes with a wiring harness that helps splicing the wires with your cart a much more convenient chore. Anyone that is not used to working with electronics needs a safety platform to fall back on in case of mishaps. That’s the purpose of this harness. There’s also a 15 amp fuse to help garner the power that this headlight kit needs in order obtain the lighting it promises. This is also easily replaceable in case the fuse is blown. All this comes with easy to read instructions on how to properly install this entire kit based on the kind of cart that you happen to own.  Headlight kits are generally not very difficult to install and this particular headlight kit is no exception.

A headlight kit, although an option, is almost a necessity based on one’s region.  Naturally some areas are darker than others and finding some help with that problem is easier than one thinks.  There are other kits out there, however the best one to find is the one mentioned in this article.  With its nearly flawless installing instructions and universal fit, it’s hard to fail with this accessory.  The instructions are pretty easy to follow.  On a difficulty chart of zero to ten, I would say that installing lights is about a 5.

Lighting helps the drivers see, but just as importantly, it also helps other drivers see you.  In that regard, safety can go both ways when it comes to finding a proper lighting kit with your cart.  With safety in mind, life is less of a crushing challenge and more of an enlightening journey.

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