Harley Davidson Golf Carts – Golf Cart History in the Making

Harley Davidson Golf Carts

I knew all about Harley Davidson growing up as a kid.  They built the baddest and meanest cycles in the world.  They had some hard times like all manufacturers but they still have a reputation for quality.  One thing I didn’t know until I got to be much older is that they manufactured golf carts.  Although they stopped manufacturing carts many years ago, a lot of those carts still exist and are providing their owners with reliable transportation.

Harley Davidson Golf Carts History

In 1963, Harley Davidson started their venture into golf cart manufacturing.  They designed their Harley Davidson golf carts from the bottom up.  The first carts that they built and designed were both electric and gas powered models.  The interesting thing about [adsense_id="1"]the cart compared to the four wheeled versions we see is that the first cart had only three wheels.  The first Harley Davidson golf carts had two rear drive wheels with one center wheel in the front.  In other words, it was more like a tricycle than an ATV.

Harley Davidson Golf Carts Serial Numbers and Year

Some golf cart manufacturers made it difficult to find the serial number of the cart.  Harley Davidson was pretty consistent with their positioning of the serial number tag.  I wrote another article about Harley Davidson golf carts and the serial numbers about 6 months ago but I formatted the following list differently. On most gas and electric models, the serial number is on a metal plate located just above the left side (drivers side) rear tire.  Specifically it can be found on the rear frame cross brace above the tire.  It should be noted however that there are some electric models that have the serial number plate under the seat behind the batteries.

Golf carts was made in the ’60s, the first two numbers designate the year and the next letter(s) designate the model as in this example:


This VIN would indicate that the cart was made in ‘65 and is a model “DC”

If your cart was made in the ’70s or ’80s, it will follow this format:


This VIN indicates it was made by Harley Davidson in ‘75(H5) and is a model “D”(3B)


The letter H (made in the ’70s) or J (made in the ’80s) indicates the cart was manufactured by Harley Davidson

The letter C (made in the ’80s) or D (made in the ’90s) designates Columbia as the manufacture.

The last number indicates the year of the decade.


GAS MODELS ‘63 to ‘81

‘82 to ‘83

‘84 to ‘85


‘77 to ‘83

‘76 to ‘78

‘79 to ‘82

This list should provide the new collector with information on finding out the Harley Davidson golf carts year of manufacture.

11 on “Harley Davidson Golf Carts – Golf Cart History in the Making

  1. I was given a HD 3 wheeler…in great condition ..surface rust and very little .need a charger since it is electric..wondering what year it might be…and wonder what it is worth …any help would be appreciated…

  2. Dave Roderick says:

    I have 2 Harley Davidson Golf Carts a 1970 and a 1971 that I would like to know the value of. any assistance would be appreciated.

  3. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I really appreciate your efforts and I will be
    waiting for your further post thank you once again.

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