Golf Cart Heaters for those Cold Rounds

Golf Cart heaters
Stay warm during those cold weather rounds

Cold hands can be a real burden for anyone that has to work out in frigid weather. Not only is it painful, but it can lock up your joints and slow down your productivity. Cool mornings can make it difficult to get into the groove of your golfing hobby or workday. This is why those golfers who play rounds in any weather conditions would be advised to look into getting golf cart heaters. Comfort can apparently come in small sizes.

Golf cart heaters aren’t necessarily a new idea, but it is and always has been a welcomed one. There are portable heaters for your golf cart that can easily fit into one’s vehicle to help keep them warm while traversing across cold courses.

One that’s so small, that it can fit into most cup holders is the “Coleman Golf Cart Heater.”  It comes with its own case and brace.  It’s battery operated and you do not have to worry about plugging it in every morning. That being said, you can carry it around with you if you wish. This will enable anyone to stay warm while actually teeing off and working on the grounds. When it comes to heaters for your golf cart, this particular one can stay working up to seven hours. This should be enough time for anyone to get through their day.

Another heater for your used golf cart to keep an eye out for is the “Piezo-Ignited Propane Heater.”  Of course, based on the name, this heater is used by propane and it can keep on warm for a long period of time.  Heaters for your golf cart don’t necessarily have to be electric as the gas of propane is another good option to consider.  It comes with a small, tough ceramic burner that sets up on the dashboard on your golf cart.  The golf cart heater itself comes with a safety grid, mainly due the fact that it can get so hot it can actually burn you.  So, with this burner, one needs to be careful of not accidently touching it.  This burner costs up to $50 and can operate in the most frigid of weather.

This is why that propane heater is a bigger favorite more than electrical heaters, the longevity.  You can adjust the regulation of the pressure by a knob that’s inserted on the side of the cylinder.  This can prove useful, when your day gradually warms up and you don’t need such an extreme source of heat to stay warm.

Heaters for your golf cart can also be a hazard if one does not keep an eye on it.  It can be prone to dropping and starting fires if not properly secured.  This is always good to keep in mind with heaters for your golf cart.

The notion of having heaters for your golf cart is reassuring for those wintery days. Staying warm is essential for a comfortable working environment. With so many heaters for your golf cart to choose from, the ideal solution is to test it yourself.  Heaters for you golf cart can be one of the best purchases one can make to get through those cold days.  A heater in combination with a golf cart windshield will keep you toasty warm.

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