Golf Cart Covers

Golf cart covers
Dust Cover for Golf Cart

A golf cart is a significant investment.  It is important to keep it protected.  When you protect your cart, you are protecting the money you have invested in your vehicle.  By far the best cover you can get for your golf cart is a garage or a barn.  A garage or a barn will protect the golf cart from the elements as well as provide a place where the golf cart can be worked on during inclement weather.  Especially when you want to do some golf cart battery maintenance.

Do You Have to Protect Your Cart?

Most of the parts of a golf cart that are open to the elements are not subject to getting hurt by the elements.  Of course we are mainly talking about wind, rain and sun.  The bodies are made of fiberglass, the seats are usually made of vinyl and the rest of the exterior is usually made of one type of plastic or another.  However, it is important to note that even a little imperfection can get magnified.  For example, a small hole in the seat can allow rain into the interior of the seat.  That then causes mold and mildew to start colonies.  At some point that will degrade the structure and the foam of the seat.

The ultraviolet light from the sun can cause vinyl to crack degrade as well.  The sun can also cause the color of the cart to fade especially if it is a color other than white or cream.

A cover can help keep the chrome and other golf cart accessories looking clean and sharp.

One Size Fits All?

One size of cart cover sometimes fits all.  There are some covers that are designed by the manufactures to fit nearly every mass produced golf cart on the market.  The cover may not be perfectly form fitting to the cart but it will keep the vast majority of the elements off the cart.  On the other hand some cart covers are made specifically for certain models.  These golf cart covers will be much more form fitted to the golf cart.  There will be very little opportunities for the weather to attack the cart.  The more the extreme weather environment, the better the form fitting cover is recommended.  The least amount of weather you can allow to get at the cart, the better.

The recent development of temporary structural covers has been very popular with golf cart owners.  These structures are meant to be semi-permanent.  They may or may not have sides but definately have a solid structure overhead.  Think of it as a temporary carport.

Not matter what kind of cover you are leaning toward getting, getting a cover is very important.  The life of a used golf cart can  be easily be doubled with proper protection and care.

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