Golf Cart Coolers

Golf Cart Coolers

Golf Cart Coolers
Golf Cart Cooler on Bumper

There are install-able golf cart coolers one can bolt down on their golf cart to make carrying cold beverages around the golf course a little easier. The typical setup is to get a cooler from the course and put it in the wire basket in the back. This certainly works fine but it limits the amount of other items that can be put into the mesh basket. It also tends to get your golf bag wet if there is a leak of any type in the cooler.

Golf Cart Coolers for Off Course as Well

We talk about taking a golf cart cooler onto a golf course but there are a lot of golf carts that never make it to the golf course. There are carts that are used as transportation in closed communities. Golf cart coolers work great in this instance as well since you can load up the cooler and head off to your destination. Maybe the kids are going to play baseball or at the playground or go to the pool. Wouldn’t it be great to have cold beverages for them when they finish their activity.  The nice thing about almost all of these golf cart coolers is that they will fit on both electric golf carts as well as gas golf carts.

Golf Cart Coolers For All Carts

Coolers for your golf carts are a fairly simple idea, accompanied with a simple design. This however, can do a fair amount of good when hitting the road with an ice chest full of goods. Coolers for your golf carts come in a fairly decent assortment. They all have one goal in common, to ease your travel. One cooler for your golf cart that one can really use is, “The Universal Basket Cooler.” Coolers for your golf carts are pretty small, most will only hold a six-pack of cans but 12 pack holders are also available. These golf cart coolers are also rock solid, being prepared for any outdoor adventure that you’re planning to put it on. It generally fits into the back basket that usually comes with E-Z GO and Yamaha Golf carts. For ultimate security, it also comes with bungee straps to help hold it down or is bolted to the frame. Coolers for your golf carts are all about keeping your food and drink cold while blazing across your neighborhood without the worry of spilling them.

Golf Cart Coolers
Wire Basket with Golf Cart Cooler

Other coolers for your golf carts are the “Black Coolers with Brackets for the E-Z GO Golf Carts.” This particular cooler can be easily installed in the back of your golf cart and travel at high speeds while remaining secured in place. It can hold up to about 12 cans along with ice. This particular cooler for your golf carts has a white interior coating with an outer black finish. In that regard, it’s quite pleasing to the eye as well as being very durable. It can easily be lifted up and placed in the slot in its bracket. This bracket will be sure that it is not going anywhere and won’t have to worry about losing any of your goods in case you have to make a 90 degree turn.

Get Your Cooler for Easy Access

Golf cart coolers are a wonderful accessory to add to your collection. With assorted coolers for your golf carts to select from, it is all about what fits into your lifestyle and cart best. Anybody that likes to golf out in the sun will need to have one of these at their disposal. Getting overheated can be a condition that’s hard to treat while out in the middle of a golf course. Therefore, it is wise to have liquids close to you to stay hydrated. Golf Cart Coolers are one of the best ways to get through the summer.

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