Buckling Up With Golf Cart Seat Belts

Golf Cart Seat Belts

Applied safety is paramount when driving any vehicle.  This can also go with used golf carts, as people seem to think they’re perfectly safe as without seat belts.  Indeed, golf carts may not go as fast as your standard car, they can still be

Golf Cart Seat Belts
Golf Cart Seat Belts - An important safety feature

in accidents and mishaps while on the road or the course.  This is why it’s good to know that there are seat belts for your golf cart available for purchase. For golf carts it’s  an accessory, but an important one to keep in mind when customizing your golf cart.

Golf cart seat belts can truly save someone’s life, especially during a head on collision or roll-over.  Being top heavy, golf carts are prone at rolling over into ditches and around tight curves.  Just like a golf cart mirror, it’s a safety item that should not be overlooked.

There are mainly two types of belts available for use when it comes to seatbelts for your golf cart.  One is retractable and the other is lap seatbelts.  Neither is more preferred or better than the other, it’s simply a matter of which kind you like best.  Seatbelts for your golf carts also help make your vehicle more suitable and legal for high traffic roads in your neighborhood.   This will make you and your passengers seem more responsible for yourself and others around you. Something as simple as a seatbelt can put you in a light that others can look up to.

Golf Cart Seat Belts Cost

Golf cart seat belts can range in price from $18-$30. This is mainly because some come with more tools to install them.  They usually stretch to about 58 inches to ensure the safety for anyone that has a hefty frame.  Seatbelts for golf carts can be something that’s easily over-looked or deemed unnecessary.

I personally installed seat belts on my own golf cart.  I had never done it before and neither had I seen it done before.  It took me about 45 minutes from beginning to end to get it finished.  If you have anybody around that has done it before, you may be able to get it done in less than 30 minutes.

Golf Cart Seat Belts Safety

Golf carts can pick up at pretty decent speeds and can be dangerous at times.  Grievous or even fatal injuries can occur if you don’t have proper seatbelts for your golf cart.  The worst time to be on the road with a golf cart is when the streets are glistening wet from recent rain.  With a combination of oil, dirt, gas, and rubber corroding the asphalt, this can make the road extra slippery.  This is a vital time to use your seatbelts for your golf cart.  Even if you are just driving down two blocks, anything can happen.

Seatbelts for your golf cart is something to bear in mind while upgrading your safety specifications for your children and other dependents.

Seatbelts for your golf cart may not seem like an appealing addition to your vehicle; however it certainly has its merits. Safety and responsibility can go a long way when someone is riding along on your golf cart.  People seem to forget how many lives something as simple as a seatbelt can save.  Even though it’s a simple device, its cause for invention is something not to be shunned upon.

Golf carts can be a nice way to spend the evening with your family and friends.  It’s also a convenient way to get around house to house in your neighborhood.  However, using the proper requirements for safety is a must and golf cart seat belts go a long way in helping in that endeavor.

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