AMF Harley Davidson Golf Carts: Find Your Make and Model

The serial number of the AMF Harley Davidson golf cart also holds the information for the make and model of the golf cart.  Although the history of Harley Davidson golf carts was relatively short, they did have their name on carts for 30 years of production.  For most of the Harley  carts that have the lift up body, the serial number is on a tin tag affixed to the upper frame rail on the left side near the rear wheel.  If you don’t see it there, check the same location near the right side.


The electric models did not have the lift up body so for those models, the serial number is located in the battery well more toward the passenger side.  In 1987 and continuing through 1989, the serial number was put on the frame itself and on the right seat support.  These are for the Par Car models.  Starting in 1990 through 1995 the number was placed on the drivers side top rear fender.  However if you have one of those years utility vehicles, the number was located on the steel body on the passenger side.

Harley Golf Cart Year

To decipher the serial number is quite easy.  They changed numbering schemes a few times during their production years but they did keep their numbering system fairly easy to understand.

For golf carts made in the 1960’s, the 2 numbers indicate the year.  So if you have a serial number such as 68DL784112, the year of manufacture was 1968.

In the 1970’s they changed the way that they indicated the manufacture year.  The letter H was an indicator that the cart was made in the 1970’s and the number immediately behind the H indicated the exact year.  Most of the time, these numbers were at the end of the serial number.  If you have a serial number such as 3B10048-H7, that would indicate your cart was manufactured in 1977.

Retired Harley Golf Cart
Make and Model on The Serial Number

Finally, for carts made by AMF Harley Davidson, the letter H was changed to a J.  Otherwise the same formatting applied like the 1970’s models.  Since Harley sold their golf cart division in 1982, this numbering scheme is only applicable for the years 190 through 1982.  Columbia Par Car used the same general numbering scheme but used the letter C.  So a cart made in 1987 by Columbia Par Car would have C7 as the last 2 digits of the serial number.

For the 1990’s Columbia Par Car changed their decade designation digit to a D.  Thus a cart made in 1991 would have the digits D1 as the last 2 digits of the serial number.

Harley Golf Cart Model Numbers

The model number of the cart is also found on within the serial number.  Except for the 1960’s models where the year is the first two digits, all succeeding years have the first 2 digits indicating the model of the Harley golf cart.

For the used golf carts made in the 1960’s where the first two digits represent the year, digits three and four represent the model number.

Below you can match up the years of production with the serial number indicator and the model number.  One of the tables shows the electric/battery powered models and the other table shows the gas powered models.  As you can see, the models are generally named the same but with the addition of the “E” in the model name.

Year Serial Model
Electric Models
1963 – 1976 4B DE
8C DE4
1976 – 1978 8D DE40
1977 – 1983 4B DE3
1979 – 1982 8D MGIV
1987 – 1989 3L 4PE
6K E4S
9K EU4
1990 – 1995 3L 4PE
6K E4S
9P EU4
2M C6E
9R ED4

Year Serial Model
Gas Models
1963 – 1981 3B D
7C D4
3K Classic
1982 – 1983 3B D3
5K DX4
1984 – 1986 3B G3
5K G4
7K U4
1987 – 1989 2L P4G
5K G4S
7K GU4
1990 – 1995 2L P4G
5K G4S
7P GU4
3M C6G
7R GD4

22 on “AMF Harley Davidson Golf Carts: Find Your Make and Model

  1. I have a AMF Harley Davisdon golf cart that I would like
    to restore. So far I have been unable to find a serial number, or any photos of our cart. It is electric, four
    wheels, full bumper accross front and back. If you have
    a direction for my research I would appriciate it.

    Thank you

  2. I really don’t know right now but have a friend that might be able to help us…i need selenoid for mine but appears to have many…they all look the same so may be interchangeable…

  3. I have a 1978 amf harley davidson golf cart and I would like the top frame and canvas or hardtop for it. It is a 3 wheel gas.

  4. I have a AMFHD cart cant figure year and model 3B14910 anyone have expertise on this thks in advance ?

  5. New to h/d carts can u help me please the cart I am looking at serial #5k 10507 j2 can any body tell me the year? I cannot seem to find much info. Ps this cart is in canada but that shouldn’t matter with the serial number should it Thanks larry

  6. I have a gasser with the serial number 8D#####JO. Everything I’m reading is telling me this should be an electric cart. Any ideas?

  7. Have a H-D gas golf cart serial #68D2237? Would like to restore or find parts for. Looked at chart a little confusing and I’ve work for H-D fot 20 yrs

  8. Michael, your cart is a gas engine(3B), 1978 year (H8). I have the same cart, but it is not running right now. I am in Ohio, if your location is not too far away, I might be interested in buying your cart for parts.

  9. I have a 1976 gas H-D golf cart for sale that runs, serial #3B14508H6, plus a similar one for parts. Located in NC. Pics are available.

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