5 Tips for Determining a Golf Cart Value

What is your Used Golf Cart Value?

Golf Cart Value
Golf Cart Value

We at usedgolfcartsguide are working on a book to list golf cart values much like Kelly Blue blook does for cars but until that is finished, it is very hard to determine the value of golf cart. There are a number of factors that need to be taken into consideration when valuing used golf carts.

  • A starting point is to get an idea of what new like models of golf carts are retailing for in your area. This may not help with the actual valuation but it may give you an idea of where the used cart should fall in relation to the new cart. It also gives the buyer information about whether it may be just as wise to buy a new cart if the sale price of the used cart is close to the new one.
  • The obvious second step is to check out places like ebay and craigslist for sale prices of used golf carts like the one being considered for purchase. An exact match may not happen but price adjustments can be made to accommodate any differences in product features.
    Especially when checking on Ebay, look for completed sale prices. What a person wants for a golf cart is good information but what it actually sold for is even more important. If the seller is a dealer, try selecting the seller and viewing auctions in Ebay that have closed. It is usually pretty quick and easy to see prices for sold items by the seller.
  • For Electric carts, the battery is one of the most expensive components of a golf cart. The age and/or condition of the battery may be a significant determining factor of the value of a golf cart. For example a newer cart that has had the batteries run hard may have a real value less than golf cart a few years older in which the batteries were recently purchased new.
    Determine the climate conditions of the golf cart. Carts that are stored during winters have a greater chance of having less usage than a cart in the southern US. This does not mean that fair weather golf carts should be avoided, it just is an indicator of a potential for greater use over its life to date.
  • Finally, take into consideration of the different options on the golf cart. Does it have windshield wipers or a nice stereo system? That could add a couple hundred dollars or more to the value of the golf cart. On the other hand, if accessories are quite worn or abused, it negates any positive value you would otherwise get from having the accessories.
  • There are other intangibles to consider such as the owner and possibly how many owners have owned the golf cart. Just like the “little old Lady” car owner stories, a similar assumption may be made about the former owners of golf carts. The more owners that have had the cart in the past makes the history of the golf cart more unknown and with more unknowns it could equate to higher costs.

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